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I'm known on many websites as 'Severen' Caine.

My Real Name is James, although I'm simply Jimmy to my friends & relatives. I was born on the 21st of October 1978 which makes me the grand old age 36 at the time of writing.

I thought I'd post this incase anyone wants to get to know a little more about me, as my usual profile descriptions, are generally, woefully haphazard.


I live in the City Centre of Birmingham, West Midlands, England with my Identical twin brother Luke. We both play in the house band at a late night bar called 'The Actress & Bishop' which is where I also do bar work and can honestly say is the best place to drink in the City.

 My brother is the lead vocalist and rythm guitarist and I'm the lead guitarist and backing vocalist in our band 'Redjack'. (We also have another band with our best friends since childhood called 'The Holymen' - Where I take the honoured role of 'Jimmy The Saint') I also play Blues Harmonica & Banjo as well as fucking about with my own personal electronic experiments.


Click Here to See a Video of Us Playing the Song 'Unique' From Our First Album

 or Click Here to Listen to 'Here With You' or 'Wasted' via


 I have a fascination with Vampires (way, way, way before Twilight :)  ).

I took the name 'Severen' from Bill Paxton's character in one of my all time favourite vampire films 'Near Dark' directed by Kathryn Bigelow, and the surname 'Caine' comes from the legendary original vampire featured in one of my favourite PC games ever released 'Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines' developed by Troika & published by Activision.

 I unapologetically smoke at least 20 cigarettes a day & I drink copious amounts of Beer,
 the occasional  Jack Daniels, and more shots than anyone would deem remotely sensible.

  I enjoy music of all kinds & love stand up comedy. Amongst my favourites are: Doug Stanhope, Dylan Moran, Richard Pryor, Russell Brand, Eddie Murphy, Denis Leary, Bill Hicks, Louis CK, Eddie Izzard, Frank Skinner and Steven Wright to name a few. (My twin brother makes me laugh more than all these people, but he's not quite as famous... ...yet)

 I'm a very keen reader & I also watch a lot of films, especially the classics (far too many to mention).

 I have a passion for the blues and my favourite artist is undoubtedly Jimi Hendrix, he's still a constant source of inspiration to me and no doubt always will be.

On the social side of things I enjoy drinking with my friends whom I treasure dearly, whether I'm  working or not (a ha ha ha) the very best of which is my eternal right hand man & true confidant the glorious Mr. Scott Nolan & my identical twin brother Luke. I also like throwing the occasional raucous  get together on the rare instance that we have to vacate the bar.


 Relationship-wise I've been in  a few long term BDSM relationships and have broken up amicabley with my long term girlfriend/slave 18 months ago.

 I'm single now and I'm still searching earnestly for 'The One'.

I still have good friends on the BDSM scene and enjoy their company, but only in as much as going out and socialising for drinks.  I'm extremely broadminded, dare I say even 'unshockable'  :)   I love to flirt & have fun, but with me that's generally as far as it goes.

  I am also a proud member of the UK's leading BDSM website and attend all their monthly meetings in the midlands, getting quite drunk & making lots of  new friends along the way. I also go to the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar and After Party (a.k.a The BBB) held on third Sunday of every month & which quite simply put is nothing short of legendary. My IC profile is in the links section at the top left of this page if you want to find out more about these events (You should, it's very cool)


 I love funny people, funny, people. and have met quite a few on the various sites I frequent already.

I have a very dark, dry sense of humour and always appreciate a good dose of pathos, irony, sarcasm and wit. My favourite people are those who can snap out  witty one liners and deliver wistful observations practically all night with seemingly no effort at all.

  Well that's really about it I suppose, so if you've read this and want to know anything more please feel free to ask me at anytime. I look forward to speaking with you in the future and hope you have the same great experience in making new internet friends and whiling away the hours as I have.

Check out my links on this site for more info & Don't forget to "SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!! (it asks for an email but just put a false one, e.g. , I don't know how to disable that feauture) .

 Remember If you need help or advice on anything, Playing Guitar/BDSM/Viruses/Hacks/Gsmes/ Films or anything even slightly illegal, I'd be happy to help to the very best of my knowledge. my email address is situated below.


Warmest Regards,

                                      Severen Caine  (Jimmy)


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  If you have any questions or queries don't hesitate to email me here:


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